Episode 6: Too Cool to Be Cold

Hey guys, here is Episode 6: Too Cool to be Cold. Sorry it is late, but life got a little busy after this one. This was recorded  on 11.11.16. Flash is skipping this week, but we fill the time with some comics talk, and we dive into the issues at play in these superhero shows.


James makes the choice that he wants to become a vigilante and fight crime.

How serious is Mon El about being a superhero?

Maggie calls Alex out on her shit but Alex is not sure if she is gay.

Will Supergirl ever join the CW universe?


Prometheus challenges Oliver and the gang.

Oliver struggles with telling the new recruits about the real threat Prometheus is.

Felicity finally tells her BF that she works for the Arrow.

It is revealed that whoever Prometheus is they work for the police department but is it really detective lance or is it some one else?

DC Legends

Ray tries to become more the Captain Cold but realizes that hes not him in any way.

Ray is able to save everyone by dismantling the gun to stop a bomb from going off.

Sarah confronts Dark and tells him that his plan will fail (the Arc) because of this Dark accepts Thawns idea that they should team up.


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