Logan and the end of SRS and The CW (for Now at Least)

Logan Movie Poster

Hello everyone.

We haven’t updated in awhile. Elijah is going through some personal things right now that have shaken up his willingness to watch The CW shows for the moment. Sometimes the CW arrowverse can be a fun place to visit for lighthearted adventure and camp, but for the moment that place isn’t a place that Elijah wants to spend his time in, and so we’re taking a break from the CW shows.

The other thing is that both of us want to start being able to talk about whatever is on our minds without being obligated to keep up with four shows a week and focus only on that. There’s other things that have come up that we’ve badly wanted to talk about, and following the CW as a recap show has been hindering what we might otherwise talk about.

Our listeners might have noticed that we’ve been spending more and more time each episode talking about things that aren’t The CW shows. We’ve both been feeling like we need to expand what we are doing here with this podcast.

The CW shows are great, and we want to emphasize that we’re still fans, but our hearts are pulling us elsewhere.

Below is the podcast reaction to the movie Logan. We were both on a really big emotional high when we talked about this movie, and I think that it’s clear in the recording of this episode.


This podcast has always been a reaction podcast, and we don’t give out spoiler warning that often, but we want to emphasize for this movie you really want to watch it before you here our reactions. It’s an experience that really can be spoiled.

After this update, We’ll be looking at a rebranding and thinking about what we want the show to become. It may be a week or two before we get another update, and we may be doing that under a new name, and with a new blog site.

Please enjoy the Logan recap!


We recorded this podcast right after seeing the movie, and man our emotions are at an all time high as we reflect on what we’ve seen.

We react to the sheer force of the violence in the movie, and talk about what it means in the context of the x-men movie franchises.

We also talk about how Wolverine is treated as a Slasher legend in this film.

We touch on the sheer darkness of the movie, the tone is deeply depression with some moments of very dark humor. We talk about the implications of what dark past Logan and Professor X were involved in even if it isn’t revealed in the movie.

We also can’t help but talk about the social commentary in the movie. The movie seems to be referencing our current political climate, and has something to say about it.


Update: Giant Sized Episode #2

Hey all,

We’re a little bit behind on The CW do to some unforeseen real life circumstances, so we’re doing another giant sized episode which we’ll try to have up by Wednesday.

We also have another thing ready to go up pretty soon. The Superhero Recap Squad recently went out to watch Logan, and man was it a tough movie to watch! We get into the podcast right after watching the movie, so our emotions were running quite high! I hope you all have a blast listening to it when we put it up.


Episode 15: More Gorillas!

Supergirl gives us an episode where Maggie and Alex are not fighting! Kara goes against Snapper and decides to publish a blog about the alien register.

Are Kara and Lena going to be frenemies?

More Gorilla antics in the Flash this week and another chance to complain about the CGI. It’s not all bad: We get some awesome scenes of Harrison Wells and HR interacting. Jessie is staying on this earth in the meantime, and it looks like Savitar is coming after Wally.

The DA is Prometheus, and Nick has some more insane ideas about what that means. Oliver outs Green Arrow as a bad guy to save his job as the mayor.

Curtis is being divorced by his husband. We’re okay with that, we’re reading to ship Renee and Curtis!

Finally, Felicity is fully committing to Helix and going back to her Hacker roots? How will this affect the team, and what are the consequences going to be?

Episode 14: Love is in the Air

Supergirl has to deal with a 5th dimensional entity called Mxyplt. Mon El becomes jealous that he fancies Kara and Mon El feels he needs to protect her. Supergirl keeps the silver age Mxyplt alive for this episode. Supergirl gives us a Hamilton Reference and Maggy and Alex are fighting again and not that its for good reason we would just like to see them getting along and working together.

Flash this week had some eye frustratingly bad CGI. From no gorilla genitalia to just the terrible look of the arena. Barry seems unusually weaker and it’s not explained. After our rant we contemplate Wally and Jessie’s relationship. We don’t think it will last. HR/Harrison Wells was amazing to see all the different versions of Wells.

Legends: Eli forgot to watch it! Nick was able to come to the rescue and fill us in. We all know who the hero is of this podcast!

In Arrow Oliver tries to convince Prometheus’ mother to give up her son, but she refuses. Oliver is confronted by Susan and haphazardly brushes it off. Felicity and Thea jump into action but go to far. The press goes after Oliver after it is revealed that he covered up the murder of a detective, and Nick has a crack pot theory about who Prometheus really is.

Episode 13: Whole Lot of Weirdness

This time we got a little behind the scenes introduction to the podcast.

We also spend some time talking about superhero movies we plan to see and talk about on the podcast.

Lena’s Mother has her trial, but things go awry when Metalo blasts his way out.

Is Lena Luther going to go bad?

James and Kara make up and can be friends, but does Supergirl see The Guardian as someone on the same level.

Finally Mike and Kara almost share a kiss but are rudely interrupted.

We are hot for gun control this episode.

Renee’s backstory was supremely interesting.

Oliver is stepping up and making a contribution as Mayor.

Also we discuss what is better a gun or a bow and arrow and the conversation gets ridiculous.

Episode 12 Double Stack

In these two episodes of Supergirl we discuss that Kara still does not approve of James and Wynn doing the superhero thing without powers. James questions why Mon El is more of a hero than he is? White martians come to earth to take Megan, and according to Elijah they don’t make any damn sense!

Flash deals with a bounty hunter named Gypsy coming for HR. Cicsco of course falls in love with her because she’s the bad guy of the episode. Iris wants to leave a legacy before she dies and Barry trains Wally as Kid Flash. The episode leaves us wondering: Will Wally surpass Barry as the fastest man alive?

we get a villain episode with DC Legends which was the best episode ever. Phil counsels Dark and Merlin to work the bad guy team through their issues. Rory’s intro was amazing and him hanging with Washington was a great character moment. Vixen is hooking up with Nate…but they are keeping things chill. Jax takes control of the team while Sarah is down.

In Arrow we get a new Black Canary. This brings a new dynamic to the show with a meta on  the team. It also turns out that Talia is Oliver’s last mentor before he becomes the arrow. Felicity makes a deal to help put the General away, but at what cost? Also, are we killing people on The Arrow, or not?

Episode 11: We’re Back

In this episode we discuss Roulette’s appearance joining a group of lizard people capturing humans and selling them on the slave market. Wynn seems to find shaken up after taking a beating from a thug, and Mon El seems more convinced than ever to be a hero like Kara.

In Flash, We’re still trying to figure out what is going to happen to Iris at the end of the season and whether or not she’ll make it back. Barry finds out what some of the events were that lead to Iris death and the team works out a way to change it.

Queue that Star Wars theme music for DC legends this week because George Lucas made an apperance. We talk about how much his movies influenced a lot of people in teh scientfic community. Is the spear of destiny too much destiny for our heroes to handle? Will they be tempted to re-write reality?

Laurel’s not really back, but it is okay because we get her doppelganger and we also get a sneak peek at the new Black Canary. Felicity really stepping up and keeping Oliver in check, and trying to let him know that there are more important things going on than fake Laurel. Curtis has a break down about his husband leaving him, but Renee comes and helps him get over it.


Episode Ten: Winter Break

The Flash
We try and figure out the connection between Savitar and Barry. Who is he? What are his powers? How the hell did he end up in that box. And Wally gets the green light to become Kid Flash!

The Arrow
Prometheus has been able to break all of team Arrow. The episode was devastating and the plan that Prometheus has been putting in play comes to fruition and the Arrow team probably won’t be the same.

DC Legends of Tomorrow
Captain Cold reappears kind of to give Mic some advice. Martin admits a secret he’s been keeping from the team regarding a time aberration. The Legion of Doom looks like they might be interested in rewriting time and Rip Hunter is directing a movie?

Please enjoy our last episode until we come back from winter break!

Episode 9: Crossover

This week Supergirl’s crossover episode was really just it’s own episode and not that connected to the others. We talk about why that was the case, and about what happened in the episode as a mid-season finale.

In the cross over The Flash is the hero who brings everyone together to deal with the aliens and he begins to grow as a leadership. Oliver and some non-meta get abducted by aliens and are confronted with what they could have had. We get some moments of Cisco and Felicity hanging together which was as awesome as expected.

We mostly give our overall thoughts of cool moments in the show, and analyze how effective we believe the crossover was.